HUGE UPDATE! 4-16-2019

HUGE UPDATE! 4-16-2019

Posted by Mike on Apr 16th 2019

Today is a great day! We have been working hard with new venders, attempting to do something we have wanted to for some time, and that's create a higher quality produced manifold.  Well now that we can do so, we have great news. 

We are stopping production on our Mild Steel 14g Manifolds. 

wha...wha....WHAT!? you ask.

Well we are changing them from those, to SCH40, Mild & Stainless options. But, what are the prices going to change too!? All the SCH40 Manifolds are crazy priced, from 550-900 dollars! We can't pay that!

No worries.  Our prices will be staying about the same, the sch40 manfolds will be 399.99, 10 dollars over what the 14g Mild steel kits cost! 

Also, in doing this, we have created away to make them even faster, by purchasing the bends pre bent, we can simply notch them on our drill press, instead of hand cutting them as we are doing now, so if we can do that, we can produce these in more an assembly line, instead of each one fully by hand, which is extremely tiring and time consuming. 

So here is what's happening. Anyone who has purchased a kit from us, and is currently waiting, unless you purchased a polished stainless kit, will be getting a SCH40 Manifold, unless you don't want a better manifold, in which case just call us? We are pushing this production now, and will be doing all from now on this way, so i'm hoping in doing this, will give everyone a better kit, and produce them faster, because right now we are at our limit to how quickly we can make them, and it's simply not fast enough.  

The update will take place on the website throughout the next few days, and by the weekend they will be fully updated everywhere. 

We plan on calling, emailing, and messaging as many people as possible, informing everyone of the change. We are also still fully warrantying all previous kits still, as they have a life time warranty(so will these). But if you purchased a previous kit off us, and want the sch40 kit, we are working on options for you too! Just haven't decided exactly what we can do just yet.